Automated Security Awareness Training

An easy-to-manage online tool which builds employee's cybersecurity skills level by level.

Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform (ASAP) is created by leading cybersecurity experts to protect your business.

Launch your awareness program online in just а few steps.

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Easy-to-set training objectives

Convenient web portal

Learning targets based on risk levels, benchmarked against world/industry data.

Secure Windows File Server

Visible, measurable cybersecurity training results.

Secure Windows File Server

Time effective—learn only what you need.

Full automation of training management

Use automated management to bring every employee up to the security skill level appropriate to their risk profile.

Customize the curriculum speed individually, allowing employees to train at a comfortable pace and avoid overwhelming users.

Knowledge reinforcement that helps form strong skills.

  • Lesson
  • Email Reinforcement
    4 days after all lessons are finished
  • Knowledge Test
    7 days after all lessons are finished
  • Simulated Attack
    10 days after all lessons are finished

User-friendly dashboards & actionable reporting

  • Get live data tracking, trends, and real-time forecasts.
  • Address issues before they become problems (e.g., you know which organizational units need more attention and can influence their results).
  • Use forecasts to achieve training goals.
  • Compare your results with benchmarks.
User-friendly dashboards & actionable reporting

A training program that will work: the acquired skills will be applied

raining program
  • Engage and motivate employees into security awareness training with gamification and competition.
  • Ensure training is relevant to people’s everyday life.
  • Students can compare individual results with others.
  • No overload—the micro-learning modules allow users to set their own pace and learn only relevant skills.

Launch your online security awareness training in just a few steps.

Not sure which Security Solution is right for your business?