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Kaspersky Small Office Security has been specifically designed for small offices who want to focus on growing their revenues while having peace of mind about their IT security with protection that’s affordable and reliable. Kaspersky Small Office Security combines the simplicity of home PC protection with special capabilities to keep your business safe while employees are doing their jobs.

  1. ‘Set and forget’ security
  2. Protect your office on Windows and Mac PCs and laptops
  3. Protect Windows file servers to secure the files you value most
  4. Secure Android devices to let employees work safely on their personal smartphones and tablets
  5. Rely on advanced ransomware protection and rollback just in case someone makes a mistake
  6. Pay bills and taxes safely online with Safe Money
  7. Secure and store your high-value files with File Encryption and Backup
  8. Make sure the apps you use are safe with built-in vulnerability scanning and timely updates

A security solution that doesn't demand your attention, letting you focus on your business priorities. It protects your employees without distracting them with messages or notifications, so they can work uninterrupted. Kaspersky Small Office Security just does its job while you do yours.


Even if an employee has followed a malicious link and ransomware tries to encrypt work files, a backup copy of the unencrypted file is automatically created for you to restore.


Extra layers of security help prevent thieves stealing your company’s money: When you access shopping or banking websites, our unique Safe Money technology checks that the website is secure, and ensures that the site is genuine before opening it in a special, protected mode (for PC and Mac only).


Password Manager stores and secures all your passwords and valuable files across all the devices you use – you only have to remember one password.

Get notified if your file server has a weak password (like ‘1234’) or if your password hasn’t been changed for a long time.

Multiple layers of protection in one easy-to-use package – no experience needed to get maximum security across your business with minimum fuss.
Convenient web portal
Convenient web portal

As a business solution, Kaspersky Small Office Security has a dedicated portal - ksos.kaspersky.com - for your convenience, where you can check your license status and expiration date, see the devices protected or send a support request if you need help.

Secure Windows File Server
Secure Windows File Server

Protect Windows file servers from ransomware and cryptolockers: System Watcher detects and blocks malicious activity, and allows rollback of malicious actions.

Software updater provides a list of new updates available for installed applications, making it easy to delete unused or outdated system data.

Work safely on mobile devices
Work safely on mobile devices

Need to work on the go? Kaspersky's mobile security technologies mean you stay protected, wherever you're working from – including when employees use their own mobile devices for work. Protect Android-based smartphones and tablets – including lock, wipe and location of missing devices.

Safe Internet, email and privacy
Safe Internet, email and privacy

Guard against attempts to hijack your business data and network by blocking malicious sites. Block suspicious downloads, filter out phishing emails and malicious attachments. Search for and remove unwanted and unsafe browser extensions and protect your privacy with special "do not track" functionality.

Safely store and transfer valuable files
Safely store and transfer valuable files

Backup and encryption technologies protect your sensitive data from breaches, fines and lost business. Data vault gives you an extra layer of security, with password protected storage on your computer to keep sensitive data away from prying eyes.

Security you can trust – and we can prove it
Security you can trust – and we can prove it

No other vendor can match Kaspersky's record of success in independent tests. In 2018, Kaspersky products participated in 88 independent tests and reviews. Their products were awarded 73 firsts and achieved 77 top three finishes.

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